Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter 12: Moe Underwater

Moe had always wondered what was at the bottom of the swimming pool.

He had attempted before -- no, not attempted; almost attempted -- on several occasions, wading into the water like a duck waddling ashore, but he had never really seen the bottom. From a bird's eye view, the pebbles beneath him looked uncannily like beady black eyes, staring up at him as if from out of the head of some humongous aquatic beast. They felt slimy under his toes as he waded, feeling the water gradually submerge his legs, his torso, his mouth...

... but Moe had always turned back before that point.

What if it is a monster? he wondered, staring naked at the pool. What if it is, but no one's been brave enough to really find out?

This could be Moe's great contribution to history.

With a deep breath and a quick shiver, Moe sprinted towards the edge of the pool--

Chapter 13: It's a Wash

It's a Wash
a silly poem
by me

It's a wash when we josh
About silly things like diamond rings.
What lovely stones and hefty loans!
But it's a wash when we josh.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chapter 14: The Girl in the Picture

The Girl in the Picture
a melancholy poem
by me

She isn't the girl in the picture
Not that one.

Sometimes she stares at her
When no one's looking.
Sometimes she stares.

Her eyes are green
Not hazel.

Her hair is brown
Not red.

Sometimes she cares with her
When no one's looking.
Sometimes she cares.

She isn't the girl in the picture
Not that one.

Not that one.

Chapter 15: The Door

The Door
a metaphysical poem
by me

and through the room there was a door

and through that door there was a key
and through that key there was a world
and through that world there was a mind

Friday, January 2, 2009

Chapter 16: Introducing "Never-Never Girl"

The first draft of the novella is no longer posted on this blog.

As of 8/10/09, the story has been accepted by a publisher; it should be available for purchase (in expanded form) by 8/10/10.

(updates will be posted regularly)

C.L. Kimmel